Hello everyone!

I am Nela, they call me that since I was a child although my name is Daniela Duran, I am the CEO of Nela Balloons & Art. Corp, but it was not always like that, I was born in Venezuela where I graduated in Advertising and Marketing, I worked for many years in Outdoor Advertising, I always liked graphic design, I had a company called “Icons Graphic Advertising” where I dedicated myself to the realization of advertisements for facades, billboards, and stationery. I always liked to create and work with my hands, that is why later in 2013 I opened my online store

“Nela Decorative Pieces”

I made personalized wooden pieces, 70% of my clients made costume jewelry (Accessories) and I made them from the creation of a logo, cards, “portazacillos” (earring holder), exhibitors, everything was done personalized.
In 2015 I settled in Orlando, Florida and that is when I learned about the art of balloon twisting or balloon twisting, without knowing anything about English or balloons, I had to learn the basics and started working in restaurants making figures with balloons as a way of entertainment for children and families, I only get “tips” for this job. I did this for 3 years, that is why I always say that my school was the children who challenged me and I did not refuse to try, that is when I discovered my passion in this world and always seeking to reinvent myself and grow, I did several certifications to perfect the techniques and that is when “Nela Balloons & Art. Corp” was officially born in 2018.
Nela Balloons & Art is the fusion of my passion for making pieces using creativity + my passion for crafts + passion for balloon twisting + my passion for the world of balloon decoration + passion for marketing 

That is why we are “The magic of creating art with balloons”…

At Nela Balloons we offer different services, the Balloon Bouquets which are personalized pieces with Delivery service that are perfect to surprise on Birthdays, Anniversaries, Welcome baby, Valentines, Gender reveal, Graduations, or any theme or reason you want, they are pieces that we have ready with delivery service, that is why they are used perfectly for surprises, that is why they are our Best Seller!
We also offer balloon decoration that widely covers different products such as balloon arches, organic balloon garlands, walls, backgrounds, columns, centerpieces, sculptures, surprise room decorations, and more.
Another service that we offer in the Entertainment with balloons for parties and events per hour, where we make figures such as animals, characters, and hats for children and/or adults.
You can see all our services in more detail in our product classifications and follow us on our social networks.
Thanks for reading me…